a night in shining armour

Installation wood, rescue blankets, LED-lights

150x150x150 cm


Concept and implementation: Renate Ranzi, Hannah Todt & Mary Gold

Artist residency - Milch & Q / UrKultfestival / South-Tirol


Since time immemorial, people have created spaces to protect themselves from the uncontrollable influences of nature. Wherever possible, their domain is reduced and domesticated. Where it is impossible, walls are raised providing a dry, warm & bright shelter.


Set back to an immediate encounter with nature, one becomes aware, especially at night, of how great ones own need for light and warmth is, ones need for protection from environmental influences and sometimes also the unknown, which could be lurking in the dark.


Many of these needs were covered by fire for a long time. A night in shining armour uses the characteristics of the campfire in the same way and transfers it into current device of aid. The installation made from rescue blankets forms a shelter. During the day, it marks a point of orientation allowing the onlooker to see the interplay of the entire context by means of a reflection of the viewers and their surroundings. The reflected sunlight toils the pulsating foil to the rhythm of the wind. In the night, the cube loses its opaque property. The absence of sunlight, reveals its intrinsic glow. Thus allowing, even if the lack of orientation in the darkness around the room is unsettling, to dwell in the protection of its light.