Cyanotype on cloth / ink on paper


We are all endowed with very specific proportions. Every person has his own appearance. The fashion of our times, however, dictates which proportions and norms to correspond and live up to. Accordingly, we should conceal and modify those parts of our bodies which do not correspond to the general idea of a body-ideal.


The fashion world defines the term „shapewear“ for underwear, which has been specifically designed to temporarily change the shape of the wearer‘s body to achieve a more fashionable figure.


The word shape as a verb means „to form, to make, to design ...“ But when one uses the noun, the meaning is shifted to an already finished body. Shape is form, outline, impression and refers to an entity that need not be formed, but exists.


In my work, I take shapewear and create a piece of clothing that does not try to conceal the forms of the body or counteract its alleged deficiencies.


Shapewear, in this case is the outward wearing of one‘s own body, instead of covering the figure.