Surrogate Luxury

Cyanotype on hand made paper / stamps 62 cent


More expensive, wasteful, exceeding the normal framework (of living standards), not necessarily, but only for pleasure; splendour, lavish abundance - luxury is characterised by the fact that it is not available for everyone.


It always defines boundaries and defines two sides, which are on this side or beyond this spongy borderline definition. A large number of people are striving for the narrower of the two sides, and will always be directed further by world events towards the broader side.


By definition, luxury is something that exceeds the normal framework of life-preservation. But what is a normal framework? Does the norm not move in unmanageable, often seemingly uninfluenced tracks? The concept of luxury is formulated around the question of the personal biography as well as of the socio-political and world-political events.


Surrogate Luxury explores the absurdity of the concept of luxury as well as its vague definition and gives it a name: Mauritius. In 17 + 3 limited sets of one holiday card (Ile Maurice) as well as a stamp value of 62 cents, a luxury surrogate can be purchased instead of a holiday or a Mauritius “Post Office” stamp.