device for translation from scripture to picture

ink on paper


While much is written about art, the illustration of text is rarer. When a text inspires the image, it is often of an illustrative character.


The transpainter is an apparatus which, in contrast, allows for a translation as well as an abstraction process from image to text. Through

the literal translation from letter to color, it allows a completely rational, non-associative, but rather direct translation process from the linguistic to pictorial medium.


The underlying text is translated into a color code using a specially crafted typewriter, which speaks its own visual language.


In doing so, however, the style of the linguistic / written basis is not broken but rather taken up and used as a rhythmic guide for the pictorial translation.


This results in text images which still retain the structure of text written by the machine, but which can also be handwritten through the technical characteristics of the transpainter, since each stroke depends on the current and greatly varying state of the colour-bearing type lever as well as the intensity of the key pressure.